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Are you tired of the hum-drum
same-old, same-old?

Do you want something new to do?
How about something fun and exciting?

Are you looking for a place
with cool games and activities?

Then you're looking for...

The King's Kids Children's Club!

Every Sunday from 9:00 to 11:00 AM, The King's Kids Children's Club meets at the Bloomington Baptist Church!
There's also weekly stories that stoke the imagination!

We're presently reading 'The Strange Journey Back' by Paul McCusker. What's this story about? Here's a sneak peak!

Mark is the 'new kid' in town. He hates every moment of it. All he wants is to go back: back to his old town, back to his old friends... and back to his old dad.

But when Mark meets an odd girl named Patti, she whisks him off to an unbelievable land and the strangest journey imaginable.
Have you ever played 'One-Way-Relay'?

What about 'Steal the Bacon'?

'Shark in the Water'? Have you tried the 'Bean Limbo'?

Then you're really missing out! You've got to join us at the King's Kids Children's Club!

Want an even bigger sneak peak at the fun we have?
Check out the video below!