At the Bloomington Baptist Church, our heart's desire is to see God save souls and change lives; our every effort and undertaking comes back
to this core calling.

To further this goal, we undertake unique community outreach throughout the year with events ranging from an annual community Family Fun Night to monthly potluck dinners. These events are designed to reach into to the community and to present the news of the Gospel
to as many individuals possible.

Our focus doesn't end on salvation, however. We also offer a range and variety of classes and events that will challenge and inspire you to grow
in the faith and to mature in the Christian life.

We strive to remember that Salvation, while of utmost importance, is but the starting point; there is a long journey that comes afterward in order
for a Christian to mature and grow in God's grace.

At Bloomington Baptist, we're old-fashioned in our beliefs,
but hardly cold and indifferent in our attitudes.
Stop on by and give us a try. We'll always be glad to see you.

Senior Pastor:
Tom Grant
C.J. Armstrong
We also offer a variety of sermon series and teaching courses in order to help our members grow spiritually.

Here is a small sample of the different series preached.
2 Corinthians

The book of 1st Corinthians was written to straighten out the First Church of Corinth. Paul's letter proved to be effective in helping the church solve its problems, but there was still more work to be done. It was time for a follow-up letter...
How Do You Know?

There are many different religions and many different 'faiths' in the world. With everyone and their brother claiming to have the way to heaven, how do we know that we really have the truth?
Timely Topics

Every day there are new difficulties, new questions, and new challenges to our faith. These timely messages will help us navigate the chaos, clutter and overload of our daily lives.
Grace: From Self to Service

We all know that we need to serve the Lord in our daily lives. But oftentimes its harder to serve than we think. How can we move beyond ourselves in order to carry out the Lord's work effectively?
The Gospel of John

The Holy Spirit's Gospel Tract to the World was the Book of John. This marvelous love letter shows us how we can get to heaven and provides us with rock-solid assurances that our faith is not in vain.

Samson is one of the most infamous characters in all of scripture. The reason why he's so infamous is really simple: he tried to serve God and man at the same time. How can we avoid making the same mistake?
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